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To truly appreciate the beauty of the Virgin Islands, one must experience it from the water.

We highly recommend spending a day on a boat to fully experience the beauty of the Virgin Islands. While boat trips can be costly, they provide the only way to truly appreciate the stunning island views and crystal-clear waters. If you're interested in booking a day trip on the water, there are a few points you need to consider. Firstly, decide whether you prefer sailing or going out on a powerboat. Also, you can either join other tourists for a shared experience, which can be a great way to meet new people. Alternatively, you can opt for a private charter, providing you with the freedom to decide your destination and tailor the experience according to your preferences.

For those with the necessary experience and confidence, it is also possible to rent a boat without a captain and embark on an independent adventure. This option allows you to have full control and create your own unique journey on the water.

Ultimately, whether you choose a sailing or power boat experience, and whether you opt for a shared or private charter, or even decide to rent a boat without a captain, it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable day on the water.

Sailing boat vs Power boat

When it comes to choosing between sailing and going out on a power boat, it ultimately depends on your preferences and what you're looking for in an experience on the water. Sailing offers a unique and captivating adventure where the act of sailing itself becomes an integral part of the overall journey. With a sailboat, you may not cover vast distances, typically visiting just one island, but the experience is incredibly rewarding. On the other hand, a power boat provides a different kind of experience, allowing you to explore multiple islands and offering greater flexibility in terms of destinations.

Advance planning is essential!

If you are interested in renting a boat, we suggest arranging boat rentals in advance to ensure availability and avoid disappointment.

What should you look out for when booking a boat trip?

We recommend several boat rental companies that offer tours at different price ranges. Each company provides various trips, some of which may include lunch, drinks, and snacks, while others may not. Prices can vary significantly based on the size, comfort, and luxury of the boats, so it's crucial to consider these factors when making your choice. To gather more information and get a better idea of your options, we suggest checking the websites of different companies and contacting them directly via email.

We have compiled a list of our recommendations for boat rentals, along with a $ sign to indicate the pricing scale: 

  • $ - Budget-friendly 
  • $$ - Mid-range
  • $$$ - Premium 
  • $$$$ - Luxury 

Recommended Boat Rentals on Tortola

Quintessence ($$$$)

Choose from variety of charter options full/half day, both fully customizable.




Location:Click for pick-up Quintessence on Google Maps

Information: We highly recommend this charter. Enjoy a delicious lunch prepared onboard while cruising at speed, granting you the opportunity to explore countless islands. We had several happy Pelican Peak guests who have enjoyed a memorable day on the water with Quintessence. The trips were designed for comfort, offering worry-free excursions. Explore the Quintessence website to discover options, complete with photos and videos.

About | Quintessence

Daytrips BVi ($$)

Small boats with a captain can handle up to 6 people.

Contact person: Debora


Location: Click for Daytrips BVi on Google Maps

Information: For smaller boats, we recommend Debora. Debora can organize full or half-day power boot trips; detailed information is on her website. We have sent many guests to her, and they were all pleased. The boot usually leaves at 9.15 am meet at Nanny Cay, or you can ask for pick-up at West End (5 minutes from Pelican Peak). You will be back on the dock at 4 pm. Let her know you are staying at Pelican Peak; this way, you will get a 10% discount (our commission). 

Celtic Powerboats ($$$) 

Celtic Powerboats offers tailored charters on their 2018 Worldcat 320CC, the "Celtic Pride," designed for the utmost comfort of up to 12 passengers. Skimming seamlessly across BVI waters, the boat promises a smooth experience, irrespective of the weather. Guided by a captain with deep-rooted knowledge of the islands, guests are treated to insightful commentaries as they sail, stopping at pristine snorkeling locations and enjoying lunch, for example, on Norman or Cooper Island. The package covers everything from fuel, snacks, and equipment to park fees. Many guests, including those from Pelican Peak, vouch for Captain Rowan's professionalism, adaptability, and friendliness, highlighting the unhurried, personalized experience. Must-visit spots include Sandy Spit, Sandy Cay, the caves at Norman Island, and the Soggy Dollar Bar at White Bay JVD. With the boat's comprehensive amenities catering to all ages, a trip with Celtic Powerboats is highly recommended.

Contact person: Patrick


Location: Click for Celtic Power Boats on Google Maps

We had some happy guests that loved their day on the water. Their trips are comfortable; they will take care of everything so you have a worry-free excursion. The website shows you many different options with photos and videos.


Kuralu Too and Day Dream ($)-($$)

Cat Sailing vessel and 36' Power Cat

Contact person: Gary


Location: Click for Kuralu and Day Dream on Google Maps

Captain Gary is a friend who owns two boats: Day Dream, a large sailing vessel, and Kuralu Too, a 36' Power Cat equipped with twin 250hp outboard engines. With Day Dream, you can explore destinations like the Baths, while Kuralu Too allows for a customizable trip throughout the British Virgin Islands. Departing from Road Town, Captain Gary and his team can also arrange a pick-up near Pelican Peak if necessary.

Island Time ($$)-($$$) 

Small and middle-sized boats with captains also self-drive up to 6 or 8 people.


Location: Click for Island Time on Google Maps

We have good experience with Island Time for boat hire with or without a captain. Their website has detailed information.