Grocery shopping on Tortola

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How to get groceries before and during your Tortola stay?

Getting your grocery shopping sorted can be overwhelming, especially when you've new to the area and just arrived. In this article, we aim to guide you on how to stock up on groceries before and during your stay, so you can spend more time at the beach.

We recommend ordering your groceries online before your arrival!

Purchasing groceries online ahead of time and having them delivered on your arrival day can be highly convenient, especially for bulk or larger items. Additionally, it can help you avoid the hassle of grocery shopping on your first day.

RiteWay (RTW) the town's largest supermarket, provides a delivery service to Pelican Peak Villa with an additional 10% charge. Please make sure to follow the instructions carefully and place your order at least four days before your arrival.

The instructions for ordering groceries ahead of your arrival:

  • The website is RTW Online
  • Note that you have to set up an account to place an order.
  • Place the order at least four days before arrival.
  • Use as contact person Lynn, the property manager. If you haven't received her contact details yet, email us. Her details are important, she can give directions if there is a new driver.
  • Use the address Pelican Peak, Romney Park, Postcode VG1110, West End Tortola.
  • Delivery timeslot – select 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm

Regardless of your flight arrival time, could you please request a timeslot between 12-noon to 3:00 pm delivery as the deliveries are often a few hours late and Madlen, the maid, will be at the house until mid-afternoon & she can put your chilled items in the refrigerator!

Make sure you get a reply/confirmation from RiteWay.

Note: they are okay with choosing most & veggies, but some items (e.g., bananas) can be somewhat disappointing as they give you green ones that won't ripen before you leave!!

Coffee lovers: We have a regular drip coffee maker at Pelican Peak and also a Nespresso machine. The machine uses the (small) regular Nespresso Cups. If you like Nespresso coffee, I suggest you bring your own pods.

Water: We kindly ask for your help in conserving water during your stay, as our villa relies solely on rainwater. We ensure there's enough for mindful use, but please remember that our island often faces extended dry spells. We appreciate your understanding and participation in our conservation efforts.

Drinking Water: Upon arrival, you'll find 5 gallons of water ready on a cooler for your drinking needs. Should you need more, you may refill these bottles at any of the many roadside filling machines scattered across the island. Please note that these machines only accept cash in USD notes. 

Important note on deliveries!

We have had numerous positive experiences with RiteWay (RTW) delivering groceries to Pelican Peak Villa. However, we would not recommend requesting delivery from other shops. While door-to-door delivery is convenient, please note that someone must be present to receive the groceries. Fixed delivery times are often subject to change, and many companies struggle to locate the villa, which can result in property managers having to drive back and forth or wait for extended periods. To avoid any issues, it is best to personally collect your items from the shops. For example, the Steakation Butcher and the French Deli & Gourmet Shop both have an ideal pick-up location for this purpose.

Where can I go grocery shopping during your stay?

Tortola offers a variety of grocery and specialized food stores to cater to your culinary needs. For high-quality meat, visit Steakation Tortola's best butcher. The islands French Deli & Gourmet Shop is a must-visit for foodies who love specialty items like cured meats, olives, cheese, and baked goods. Additionally, RiteWay (RTW) supermarket is well-stocked and perfect for your bulk and basic grocery shopping needs. 

C&D Supermarket

C&D is a small shop conveniently located at the bottom of the hill, just before the turn from the main road onto the private road to Romney Park that leads to Pelican Peak Villa. Despite its recent name change, most locals still refer to it as Big Ben's Supermarket. The shop stays open until 9 pm and is a great place to pick up small items, beverages, and ice. C&D operates seven days a week, from 7 am to 9 pm.

RiteWay Pasea Estate

RiteWay (RTW) supermarket, which is well-stocked, is a must-visit for your bulk and basic grocery shopping needs. 

Steakation Butchers

Steakation is the ultimate destination for meat lovers and seafood enthusiasts. They take pride in offering the freshest and highest quality food on Tortola, with a wide range of options to satisfy every appetite, including vegan burgers, sausages, and ground options. Whether you're craving a perfectly marbled steak or a fresh catch of the day, Steakation has got you covered. Conveniently located opposite the Road Town ferry dock, it's easy to park and pick up your order.

Harbor Market

The Harbor Market is situated in an iconic building in a prime location at Frenchmans Cay. As a middle-sized supermarket, it is typically well-stocked and conveniently located only 10 minutes away from Pelican Peak. The Harbor Market is part of RiteWay BVI. Good stop if you want to avoid going into Road Town. 

French Deli & Gourmet Shop

For cured meats, olives, cheese, French wine, baked goods, and birthday cakes, visit the French Deli & Gourmet Shop (formerly known as French Deli or DeliFrance). This is also the best place to purchase delicatessen items. They do sell bread, although it is a bit pricey.

Riteway Nanny Cay

This small supermarket is located at Nanny Cay Marina, opposite Bluewater Divers. It is open seven days a week from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and stocks a wide range of groceries, including chilled and frozen foods, fresh meat, beer, wine, and spirits, as well as a delicatessen. It's a great option if you want to avoid going into Road Town.

Caribbean Cellars: Wine & Spirits Merchants

This is a wine and liquor shop offering a wide range of alcoholic beverages. With ample parking available, usually, the store is well stocked with all the top brands.